The College Profile

Charles Lwanga College of Education is a church run institution owned by the Catholics of the Society of Jesus known as the Jesuits. The Proprietor of the College hopes that the students who pass through this institution are holistically formed and that they are men and women who will grow in compassion and care for the less privileged in society. The College aims at excellence in performance in its students and expects every member of the College Community to be committed to students’ life in the College. Respect and personal responsibility characterise the life of the students.

The Principles of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits are made known to the students in order to enable them to choose what is best for them in life. It is hoped that the education students receive here will assist them in their own personal transformation and in the transformation of society. Since the College encompasses all denominations, all students are expected to take their Christian duties seriously and worship with members of their denominations.

It is fundamental to the Jesuit principles of education that students participate actively in the educational process. Consequently, the College expects that each student realises that the primary responsibility for learning rests squarely on his/her shoulders. Lecturers, parents, relatives and friends may give advice regarding the learning process, but the real achievement in an academic endeavour is not possible when a student takes an inactive role in the process.