Campus Life

The Dining Hall

All meals should be taken in the dining hall. Students should observe the meal times.
A blessing before meals should be said by each person privately.
Great care must be taken by all to keep the tables and the floor clean.
Special diet
(a) No special diet will be provided to any student except when a student produces a signed, stamped, verified medical note from the doctor. This document is supposed to be produced at the time of registration.
(b) Normally when a student is required to be on a special diet, the doctor suggests the menu. If this is the case, the student is required to supplement the menu, as the College cannot provide anything beyond its menu.
(c) Only those students who are sick and are unable to come to the dining hall will be allowed to have their food at the hostels. Fields taking such food should inform the hostel leader on duty.
5. Students should be appropriately dressed.

4.2. The Hostels
1. Shifting from one room to another or from one hostel to another is not done without permission of the hostel tutors or the Boarding Master/Matron.
2. Cooking is absolutely forbidden in the hostels. It should only be done in allocated places. They can boil water in the common rooms and laundry rooms.
3. No food may be kept in the bedrooms except in a closed tin.
4. If any student is sick in the morning and is unable to rise, the matter should be reported to the leader of his/her hostel who, in turn, should report it to the hostel tutor and the Tutor on Duty. The class representative should also be notified.
5. All should rise and go to bed at the appointed time. All lights should be extinguished by 22.30 hours. Respect for others calls for silence in the rooms after lights are out.
6. Any damages should be reported to the appropriate hostel tutor. The culprit is liable to penalty.
7. Study bedrooms are meant for studies. Loud music will not be tolerate.
8. d especially if it disturbs the peace of others. Music should play to room level or else use of headphones should be the alternative so as not to disturb others.

4.3. Permissions
1. Visiting of the following places requires permission.
a. The kitchen, boiler and boarding store rooms (except for the senior leaders and hostel leaders on duty) and the Guest House.
b. All settlements of workers.
c. Chikuni Hospital, Convent, Canisius and Chikuni Secondary college.
d. All engine room, workshops, the garage, fish pond.
e. The staff club, the bar, and taverns at Mundale.
f. Ladies are not allowed into the gents hostels. Gents are likewise not allowed to enter the female students’ hostels, except in the ladies parlour and the student’s recreation centre. Visits cannot be made during awkward times and especially so after 18.00 hours.
Permission to visit these places must be obtained in writing from the Dean of Students, the Associate Dean of Students or the Tutor on Duty. These may delegate powers to the senior College leaders.